Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gratitude Project, Week Four

Simon Thing: The way Simon says: “Thanks for the good luck!” when you wish him good luck, like you just gave him an extra dessert.

Wallace Thing: Brought home a trophy for winning the Reflections (theme: Together we Can) contest at his school. He entered a poem which made his Dad so very proud (and validated). Here it is:

Together We Can

Alone I can kick a soccer ball
With a friend we can make a pass
With a team we can play a game
Without barriers we can play the World Cup

Alone I can play a solo
With a violin we can perform a duet
With an orchestra we can play a symphony
Without discord we can live in harmony

Alone I can be happy
With a friend I can be happier
With a family we can love
Without hate we can leave war behind

Alone I can do some things
Together we can do more

Me Thing: That I can watch DVDs from the library in the middle of the day all by myself, like Blind Date (loved Stanley Tucci), The City of Your Final Destination (loved Anthony Hopkins), Whatever Works (loved this Woody Allen) and Inside Man (loved this Spike Lee)

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