Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gratitude Project, Week Five

Simon's Joke: Q: What did the math book say to the principal?
A: I have so many problems.

Essay: Jonathan Franzen's essay "Why Bother" in his collection titled "How to Be Alone" --still not sick of him.

Weather: Watching the storm roll in and white out Tuesday evening. Wallace and Simon put on their hats, coats and boots to go out in it and then Wallace stripped off his coat, sweater and shirt because he wanted to feel the "power."

Wallace's Exasperation: Wallace's ability to dramatically poke holes in well-meaning advice he receives. He has a flair for facial expression, grand full-body gestures, and ending a verbal tirade with a higher-than-he-started vocal tone. Like, when instructed to replace "I'm worried about" with "I wonder what will happen if" as one way to cope with the repetitive hand wringing that keeps him up at night, he points out that it doesn't relax him to wonder what will happen when all the adults in his life get a brain disease and become stark raving, mad cannibals.

New Song/Video: Pink's Raise Your Glass -

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